Allen & Overy

By Luan Chan|05 February 2018

Allen & Overy is a London-based international law firm founded in 1930 by George Allen, who served as advisor to King Edward VIII in 1936, and Thomas Avery, former partners at Roney & Co. The firm currently holds the top spot as the largest law firm in both headcount and revenue category, with 5,400 employees worldwide and a revenue of£1.52 billion in the financial year of 2017.

Allen & Overy is a member of the United Kingdom’s “Magic Circle” of leading law firms.








  • Company size:

    5,000 - 5,500 employees
  • Business Address:

    Allen & Overy LLP One Bishops Square London E1 6AD United Kingdom
  • E-mail Address:

  • Telephone Number:

    +44 20 3088 0000
  • Fax Number:

  • Website: