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Pain points and vision at crux of tech’s in-house implementation

Consideration of an in-house team’s vision, as well as the pain points, is vital for achieving desired outcomes of technology implementation, according to a report.

user iconGrace Ormsby 05 February 2019 Corporate Counsel
Jerome Raguin
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‘The End of the Duopoly’, a law department operations survey report by Blickstein Group and Consilio, provided insight from Jerome Raguin, the chief strategy and growth officer at legal consulting and technology managed company Yerra Solutions, to highlight the necessity of integrating a team’s vision into its technology usage and plans to use technology.

Mr Raguin said there is “relatively little mention of the outcomes driven by all this innovation and technology, especially as it relates to legal departments”, despite unbelievable interest in technology.

He said that while most legal departments have a mission statement, “very few have a true vision” about the desired outcomes they receive from implementing and using legal technology.


There are two major aspects that require consideration for the clear definition of technology outcomes, Mr Raguin explained.

The first, from the ground-up, looks at pain points and issues faced by an in-house team, and should be a detailed, micro-analysis of the work that is carried out, he said.

Secondly, Mr Raguin explained that the top-down angle requires consideration of the legal department’s vision, and should question where the team needs to be in one to two years for the big picture, strategic aspect.

This top-down angle is critical from Mr Raguin’s perspective, as “it defines the main direction and framework in which any activity must take place”.

When creating the team’s vision, he explained that a true vision is hard to create, and takes time, serious discussions, and often arguments, “but the process is worthwhile” to define the way forward and aids in the creation of a road map for technology use.

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