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Top 10 in-house stories in 2022

Here, Lawyers Weekly counts down the most-read stories pertaining to the day-to-day experience of Australian corporate counsel for this year.

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It has been a fascinating year for Australian in-house lawyers — not just with the marketplace moving out of a global pandemic and into a potential recession but also given the rise of ESG and concerns around cyber security.

Such considerations, on top of pre-existing issues such as budgetary constraints, cross-department collaboration and influence at the executive level, have meant for a challenging year for corporate counsel, with 2023 shaping up to be similar.

Reflecting the breadth of hurdles and opportunities facing in-house lawyers is the diversity of content that has been consumed by this demographic of Australia’s legal profession. The top stories for this year span a range of issues, highlighting just how much corporate counsel have to be across.


Here are the 10 most-read in-house stories for 2022, in descending order:

10. How a break from law helped me find my ‘right direction’

9. How will a recession impact in-house recruitment?

8. In-house teams must be held to account on equitable briefing

7. Shifting the ‘private practice DNA’ to in-house lawyer

6. Fees are increasing. Why and how can in-house teams manage?

5. ‘110% no’: Great Resignation not happening in-house

4. The ‘unimaginable scenario’ facing legal teams

3. ASIC launches Federal Court proceedings against 11 The Star executives, including former GC

2. ‘You have to be comfortable watching fires burn’, says GC

1. What does a typical day look like for in-house counsel?

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