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What to expect from the Career Expo and Emerging Leaders Summit 2021

In just a couple months’ time, new and budding lawyers can (virtually) attend a free and inaugural Career Expo and Emerging Leaders Summit! So, what can you expect by signing up and how will attending help shape the rest of your legal career? 

user iconNaomi Neilson 19 April 2021 NewLaw
Career Expo and Emerging Leaders Summit 2021
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Earlier this month, Lawyers Weekly announced the launch of our inaugural Career Expo and Emerging Leaders Summit 2021 along with principal partner The College of Law. It’s shaping up to be an exciting, unique and all-round useful event for law students, new graduates and lawyers with less than five years’ experience. 

We have already locked in some inspiring (and highly experienced!) legal experts to walk you through some of the top tips and tricks for making it in law. There are The College of Law executive director Catherine Stokes, Sparke Helmore Lawyers special counsel Eresha De Zoysa, clinical neuropsychologist Dr Hannah Korrel, lawyer at Centre for Legal Innovation Sam Burrett, Birman & Ride senior associate Lucy Dickens and The College of Law careers professional Susan Pincus.  


You can view all of their profiles on the page here and you can check out how our other speakers have contributed to Lawyers Weekly in the past below: 

  • Cassandra Heilbronn is a regulation legal manager in sports and entertainment in Saudi Arabia. She has some really useful advice on the different networking opportunities available to young lawyers, including utilising online platforms. Check out some of her tips here
  • Clarissa Rayward is a collaborative family lawyer at Brisbane Family Law Centre who has contributed to Lawyers Weekly many times in the past on things like building wellness, networking with clients and using social media to branch out. You can check them out here, here and here
  • Emma Heuston is the founder and director of The Remote Expert. For over six years, she has worked remotely and knows more than anyone what does and doesn’t work in this kind of environment. Have a look here
  •  Lochlan Worrell is a lawyer at Moulis Legal who wrote an op-ed for us in the past walking through what new lawyers should expect in the real-world legal practice. Hint: it’s nothing like Suits! Have a look at that here 
  • Mellissa Larkin is the founder and managing director of Peripheral Blue. Over her legal career, Mellissa has worked in major international firms through to smaller boutique practices and has a wealth of experience from it all. She has already passed some tips onto Protégé, which you can take a listen to here
You can hear from all of these experts across the three-day agenda on topics like virtual networking, recruitment tips, ensuring optimal wellbeing, breaking through the ranks and finding the confidence to thrive in progressive pathways. Each and every session will be jam-packed with tips for making it in the law as a new lawyer as well as planning out your next steps into leadership progression (or your own practice!). 

Each day, attendees will also have the incredible opportunity to connect with a law firm, industry leaders and trusted career advisers of their choosing! This means full 15-minutes talking one-on-one with an expert to network, chat about their organisations and ask any and all questions to someone with the right answers. 

We will have more information over the next few months but in the meantime, feel free to check out the entire agenda, reach out with questions and register for the event here.