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Dye & Durham and Morae reveal partnership, release new legal tech

Dye & Durham and Morae Global Corporation have partnered up to offer an innovative, seamlessly integrated iManage solution for Australian law firms.

user iconLauren Croft 05 September 2022 NewLaw
Dye & Durham and Morae reveal partnership, release new legal tech
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Global legal tech provider Dye & Durham and digital and business transformation company Morae have released iManage, a new platform for law firms.

The partnership brings together the power of document management and information governance offered by the iManage Work 10 platform, with seamless integration to national land and property information, Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) searches, reports and technology tools provided by Dye & Durham.

As hundreds of thousands of property and business settlements and deal closures occur each year in Australia, the new integration solution will benefit the legal practitioners and business stakeholders who must regularly facilitate these closures. It does so by helping expedite what can otherwise be time-consuming due diligence and matter management exercises, freeing up more time to focus on achieving desired business outcomes.


The solution, enabled by integration technology from Morae, is currently available for both iManage and Dye & Durham clients and is designed to provide legal and business professionals with streamlined access, automatic ordering, document delivery and information lifecycle management for all legal searches and documents.

Peter Maloney, Dye & Durham managing director, said the solution, which is integrated with the Dye & Durham platform, would greatly benefit clients. Dye & Durham’s national regulatory information and reports include land title ownership, plans, council certificates, ASIC documents, PPSR searches, verification of identity reports, credit reports, digital signing of documents and electronic contracts of sale.

“The integration greatly improves efficiencies for iManage and Dye & Durham users as these two world-class systems can now seamlessly interact for the ordering and delivery of legal searches, contracts and compliance documents,” he said.

“Just the simple fact that a Dye & Durham property or company search can be initiated from the matter in iManage really makes the whole process incredibly efficient and easy.”

Using the Morae integration, matter information is automatically passed to the Dye & Durham platform, which means that users don’t have to re-key crucial information and can save time and lessen the chance for human error.

“What previously required multiple steps is now replaced with simplified, seamless access, which also automatically imports search results and documents in real time back into the matter files within iManage,” Mr Maloney added.

“That again saves time by requiring fewer clicks and ensuring that matter files are always fully up to date. We’re always looking for new ways to make the work of professionals easier and more efficient so they can get to the heart of their work and help their clients achieve faster and better outcomes.”

The partnership has also resulted in two-way connectivity between Dye & Durham and iManage, according to Andrew Flannery, HWL Ebsworth partner, who uses the platform.

“Our Dye & Durham Search Manager system now seamlessly connects with iManage, meaning HWL Ebsworth legal ecosystem is more connected — offering efficiency and certainty for our associates,” he said.

“Matters can be processed faster, with streamlined access to national regulatory information, reports, our verification of identity checks, and digitally signed documents delivered live to our document management system.”

Allan Rees-Bevan, Morae managing director, said he was excited about the new partnership.

“We strive to make legal and compliance processes more efficient and to give our clients fast, meaningful integrations between iManage and industry-leading systems like Dye & Durham’s,” he said.

“Our solution reuses key information from the iManage matter file when initiating searches and closes any gaps by automatically importing the final search results. The strong partnership with Dye & Durham will provide measurable efficiency gains for Australia’s top law firms.”