Lawyer X and Paul Dale: The story of dirty tricks, cover-ups and corruptionMar 19 2020

For quite some time, and even now still, Paul Dale would open his newspaper or switch on the television to see his face and the label “dis

by Naomi Neilson


Mar 10 2020What the profession thinks about the new Fair Work rules

To understand the debate on the new requirements for law firms to record overtime, Lawyers Weekly as...

by Tony Zhang

Mar 08 2020What ACCC’s decision to not appeal TPG-VHA merger means

The biggest merger in 10 years will not be appealed by the ACCC after concluding that it does not ha...

by Tony Zhang

Feb 16 2020More questions raised on the future of class actions

The future of the class action industry is in a state of questioning and change, with Federal Court ...

by Tony Zhang

Jan 29 2020How lawyers navigate the ‘interesting and unusual’ world of criminal law

The criminal justice system and the role of criminal lawyers are chaotically busy, majorly rewarding...

by Naomi Neilson

The global behemoth of e-discoveryJan 23 2020

Revealing insights derived from 2019’s Relativity Fest, as well as some of the industry’s most noteworthy experts, Lawyers Weekly uncove...

by Emma Ryan

#auslaw: Stepping into a new eraJan 21 2020

The modern legal marketplace continues to evolve – both organically and in response to environmental shifts that impact upon our professio...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Balancing life as a barrister and a parentJan 20 2020

Life at the bar is, arguably, one of the more challenging vocational paths a legal professional can embark on. The assumption of parental re...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Which firms believe in climate change and take meaningful action?Dec 12 2019

NSW continues to burn, and Australians are demanding greater action from businesses in combating the devastating and irreparable effects of...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Michael Kirby’s ‘lasting contribution’ to lawNov 12 2019

Carpe Diem! and other musings behind one of Australia’s most renowned judges, Michael Kirby AC CMG, whose illustrious career had to hurdle...

by Naomi Neilson