Which firms believe in climate change and take meaningful action?Dec 12 2019

NSW continues to burn, and Australians are demanding greater action from businesses in combating the devastating and irreparable effects of

by Jerome Doraisamy


Nov 12 2019Michael Kirby’s ‘lasting contribution’ to law

Carpe Diem! and other musings behind one of Australia’s most renowned judges, Michael Kirby AC CMG...

by Naomi Neilson

Nov 10 2019Digital adoption and the shake-up of legal practice

As any lawyer knows, utilising technology has become essential in the business of law. But where do ...

by Emma Ryan

Nov 05 2019An examination of life as an in-house TMT lawyer

“I have worked in the TMT sector for 21 years and have never wanted to leave.” That reflection s...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Nov 03 2019Why do firms continue to treat applicants like dirt?

Recently, Lawyers Weekly put a call out for anecdotes from lawyers who, as students or graduates, ha...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Micro-practice: A leaner way to be a lawyerAug 01 2019

In a competitive market the need for modernisation is paramount. With this is mind, are micro-practices the boutique firms of the future? ...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Celebrating the achievements of the in-house marketJul 30 2019

In-house work is become increasingly attractive to the next generation of lawyers coming through the ranks and given the calibre of legal pr...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Spotlight on Judge Bruce SmithJul 28 2019

Society sometimes forgets that the judges who form the backbone of our justice system are people too. In this special Q&A, Lawyers Weekl...

by Grace Ormsby

What are the features of a successful in-house team?Jul 23 2019

An award-winning corporate counsel unit has outlined what it sees as being the key signs that an in-house legal team is operating seamlessly...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Recapping the inaugural Corporate Counsel SummitJul 21 2019

For the first time, Lawyers Weekly hosted a summit for in-house lawyers, bringing together local and global in-house powerhouses for a range...

by Jerome Doraisamy