The top 10 exclusive features from 2020Jan 03 2021

In this 2020 wrap-up, Lawyers Weekly takes a look back at the top most-read exclusive features, from book reviews through to wellness checks

by Naomi Neilson


Oct 26 2020Rethinking wellness for law

The looming “new normal” poses, arguably, the greatest challenge to legal employers to ensure op...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Oct 26 2020The law and a culture of sexual harassment: How the profession’s leaders are addressing misconduct at all levels

The sensational revelations that a former justice sexually harassed female associates, young student...

by Naomi Neilson

Oct 22 2020What 2021 will look like for legal tech and innovation

Monumental change is potentially on the horizon for the legal technological sphere, but fundamentals...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Oct 21 2020Rethinking global vocational pathways

With flights grounded across the world, legal employers and prospective employees must re-evaluate r...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Change is coming for the boutique law spaceOct 15 2020

With the pandemic sending the business of law into a whirlwind, how have boutiques adapted? ...

by Tony Zhang

The new-look legal departmentOct 13 2020

The legal function is increasingly integral to the health and viability of any business or organisation, and corporate counsel across the co...

by Jerome Doraisamy

What’s the status of SME innovation in Australia?Aug 20 2020

Innovation needs greater attention in Australia – particularly post-pandemic – and SMEs across professional services sectors should be u...

by Jerome Doraisamy

‘The Truth Hurts’: The fault lines in the criminal justice systemAug 18 2020

From battered victims, disadvantaged clients and even a serial killer, barrister Andrew Boe has taken cues from his own career to argue that...

by Naomi Neilson

Supporting vulnerable people during COVID-19Aug 12 2020

Coronavirus has put pressure on all aspects of Australian society, and Wotton + Kearney – through its Community Footprint program – has...

by Wotton + Kearney