BigLaw 2020: A brave new worldMay 03 2020

The emergence and substantial influence of knowledge, innovation, tech and project management positions in BigLaw firms not only up-end BigL

by Jerome Doraisamy


Apr 27 2020A grim reality: The justice system and sexual assault cases

Leave a little bit of evidence, and offenders of a murder are easier to prosecute. Leave the smalles...

by Naomi Neilson

Apr 23 2020Why legal tech is crucial for team success during a pandemic

During such unprecedented and unpredictable times, new and evolving legal technologies will make dai...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Apr 23 2020Spirituality, positivity and connection: The next frontier for boutique wellness?

Life as a sole practitioner or in a boutique firm often, if not always, requires determination of wo...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Apr 21 2020Navigating waves of social change in the FMCG space

Lawyers Weekly profiled four senior corporate counsel in the FMCG space to garner a better understan...

by Adam Thorn and Jerome Doraisamy

Lawyer X and Paul Dale: The story of dirty tricks, cover-ups and corruptionMar 19 2020

For quite some time, and even now still, Paul Dale would open his newspaper or switch on the television to see his face and the label “dis...

by Naomi Neilson

What the profession thinks about the new Fair Work rulesMar 10 2020

To understand the debate on the new requirements for law firms to record overtime, Lawyers Weekly asked lawyers across the spectrum if they ...

by Tony Zhang

What ACCC’s decision to not appeal TPG-VHA merger meansMar 08 2020

The biggest merger in 10 years will not be appealed by the ACCC after concluding that it does not have any grounds for an appeal. ...

by Tony Zhang

More questions raised on the future of class actionsFeb 16 2020

The future of the class action industry is in a state of questioning and change, with Federal Court Justice Michael Lee indicating that broa...

by Tony Zhang

How lawyers navigate the ‘interesting and unusual’ world of criminal lawJan 29 2020

The criminal justice system and the role of criminal lawyers are chaotically busy, majorly rewarding, consistently surprising – and often ...

by Naomi Neilson