Why I decided contracting was for meNov 05 2018

Family, friends, fitness, food and fun are the most important things in life for me, writes Alan Blinder.

by Alan Blinder


Nov 01 2018Australian innovators leading the charge in ending modern slavery

As the Modern Slavery Bill before the Senate slowly edges closer to proclamation, Australia’s youn...

by Lachlan Ellison

Oct 28 2018New laws must be enacted for greater healthcare services

After 23 years of consecutive conservative rule, Labor’s 1972 ‘It’s Time’ campaign, delivere...

by Rafic Habib

Oct 24 2018The future is rapidly approaching – but are Australasian law firms ready?

It’s clear that the legal industry is evolving. Law firms are adopting new technologies, embracing...

by Emma Ryan

Oct 18 2018So, I didn’t get a clerkship…now what?

For those who didn’t get offered summer clerkships with law firms across the country, there still ...

by Flynne Tytherleigh

Relocation a crumbling bridge too far to crossOct 18 2018

Australia’s Family Court has always been an adversarial system, writes Armstrong Legal's Peter Magee. ...

by Peter Magee

Keeping yourself open to opportunityOct 17 2018

Do you like games? I bet you do. Who doesn’t like games? Let’s play IRAC – Issue, Rule, Application and Conclusion. It’s lawyers’...

by Carol Vorvain

Cyber crime a lawyer’s picnic to be avoidedOct 16 2018

It’s not enough the royal commission reinforced what Australians have always suspected – greed and avarice for profit is the only motiva...

by Michael Connory

Mediation tips for navigating the everyday corporate worldOct 16 2018

In-house counsel wear many hats: the legal adviser, the conflict resolver, the problem solver. Many of the things that in-house counsel do d...

by Amanda Fajerman

Lawyers are terrible at taking lunch breaksOct 15 2018

New findings show that less than three in 10 Australians are utilising the full designated break for lunch, which can and does have detrimen...

by Jerome Doraisamy