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16 Oct 2018
Lawyers, please brush up on your knowledge of testamentary capacity
Recent case law together with anecdotal evidence show that solicitors need to be very careful when preparing wills for clients when capacity is in dou...
11 Oct 2018
The greatest gift I ever received as a law student
I forgot how important it was to remember that there is a life which exists outside of the law to not only give us some perspective but also remind us...
Injured toys
10 Oct 2018
Personal injury 101: A simple guide to understanding complex law
Many Australians are not aware of personal injury law, or in many cases, individuals are oblivious to the fact that they are entitled to make a claim,...
9 Oct 2018
High Court to test safe access zone laws for abortion clinics
Constitutional lawyers and human rights lawyers will be closely watching the High Court this week as the Full Bench begins hearing a case on Tuesday, ...
2 Oct 2018
What is the return on investment for legal marketing?
The biggest obstacle most have to answering these questions is an inability to understand the ROI of investing in their brand, writes Beyond Billables...
1 Oct 2018
Legal education issues are highlighting vulnerability of students
A significant source of vulnerability in students is insufficient education concerning their rights, writes Australian Law Students’ Association vic...
1 Oct 2018
5 ways you can create more engaging meetings
Think of the last long meeting you dragged your feet into. You probably rolled your eyes at the lack of planning and preparedness, and sighed as every...
27 Sep 2018
Diversity in the legal profession
With the introduction of the Fair Work Act (2009) and a more general drive for inclusion, diversity and equality, you’d be forgiven for believing th...
26 Sep 2018
A letter to my law student self
To my law student self (some 15 years or so ago), this is just a little letter to you (from me now) about all the things no one will have the guts to ...
25 Sep 2018
Legal tech is the pacemaker our profession needs
Having a heart condition from such an early age has made me realise how crucial technology is to our future and success, writes Monash law student Fly...
24 Sep 2018
Putting the 'T' into LGBTI workplace inclusion
In a post-marriage equality world, there is a high risk that active support for LGBTI workplace inclusion initiatives will decline, writes Dentons' B...
21 Sep 2018
Future-proofing the role of GC – Embracing legal process optimisation
As economic conditions continue to bite, GCs all over the world are mandated with doing more with less. But when your headcount is low, how do you ens...
20 Sep 2018
What to look for when evaluating legal technology
When considering how legal technology can help transform your organisation, it’s important to start with where you identify the greatest pain (versu...
18 Sep 2018
Ignorance is no excuse for naive CEOs
Boardrooms are a never-ending surprise of curious machinations – intertwined with interesting characters, they’re not dissimilar to Forrest Gump...
18 Sep 2018
Innovation or fundamentalism – don’t forget who has the chequebook
The legal landscape in Australia is constantly transforming, defining the contours of a new legal order. Amidst the rift between those who want to pre...
17 Sep 2018
Tarnishes on my transcript
Why grades should have absolutely nothing to do with clerkships, or anything really, writes Monash law student Flynne Tytherleigh. ...
17 Sep 2018
Lawyers as a one-stop resolution shop: A new paradigm
Lawyers are facing a ‘perfect storm’. The cost of access to law and legal services has converged with digital disruption and an oversupply of law ...
13 Sep 2018
‘How are you, out of 10?’ is the question to ask this R U OK? Day
Going deeper than surface-level etiquette can make the difference between disclosure and suffering in silence, writes Lawyers Weekly journalist Jerome...
13 Sep 2018
The myth of the well-rounded law student
I’m proud to say that my biggest achievement is that I have gotten through nearly all of my law degree despite all the challenges, writes Monash Un...
6 Sep 2018
Why are lawyers, and other professionals, depressed?
Lawyers rank among the most depressed professionals. One in three of them contemplate suicide at least once a year and about 30 per cent suffer from c...
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Jan 23 2019
Subjective pain experiences ‘particularly problematic’
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Jan 22 2019
How practising Brazilian Jui Jitsu has taught me to become a better lawyer
Sport, hobbies and interest are important for a balanced life and it is common for lawyers to have i...
Jan 21 2019
Privilege, policing and the pub test: Questions to be answered from the Lawyer X scandal
While the Royal Commission into Management of Informants will be held in and limited to Victoria, it...
Brisbane partner, Thomson Geer
Jul 26 2018
New Brisbane partner for Thomson Geer
Australian law firm Thomson Geer has welcomed a new partner into their corporate and M&A team. ...
 appoints new company director and chairman
Jul 25 2018
WA’s Law Access appoints new company director and chairman
Western Australia’s legal pro bono referral service Law Access is welcoming the announcement of a ...
Appointed, handshake
Jun 26 2018
Queensland crown prosecutor appointed to District Court
Crown prosecutor Glen Cash QC has been appointed to the District Court of Queensland and will presid...
Jan 22 2019
How practising Brazilian Jui Jitsu has taught me to become a better lawyer
Sport, hobbies and interest are important for a balanced life and it is common for lawyers to have i...
Doodle notebook
Jan 10 2019
New Year’s resolutions for law students
Too often, law student Flynne Tytherleigh writes, law students are afraid of disappointment, and thu...
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Jan 8 2019
3 tried and tested strategies to help lawyers kick off 2019
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