Lawyers, likes and comments: a dangerous cocktail?Sep 05 2019

Various research findings lead me to a troubling proposition – does social media, for all its personal and professional benefits, also giv

by Jerome Doraisamy


Sep 04 2019How can you increase your pro bono impact?

Do you care about access to justice but aren’t a community lawyer, and want to be more involved wi...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Sep 02 2019Pro bono target should be mandatory for LSMUL winners

Whether or not your firm embraces its obligation to give back, large business and government entitie...

by Jacqueline (Jaci) Burns

Sep 03 2019The resilience fallacy

The pursuit of resilience is one that plagues lawyers, law students and legal institutions alike, wr...

by The[Pre]Lawyer in Black

Sep 01 2019‘Best practice’ change strategies to transform your firm

Today it is undeniable that the legal industry is undergoing dynamic change. A deregulated market, a...

by Tony Song

What’s the deal with prorogation?Sep 01 2019

The political and legal plot has thickened in the UK in the past week, writes Emma Guest. ...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Modern slavery laws – what do they mean for your business?Aug 28 2019

Modern slavery and supply chain transparency are some of the new buzz words attracting increased attention from the corporate sector, write...

by Justine Nolan and Martijn Boersma

Diversity hypocrisy and my dream to work in the lawAug 27 2019

In the legal profession it is common for firms to tout their commitments to diversity in hiring and to emphasise just how much they care abo...

by Jonathon Hopper

Does work/life balance really exist? It’s often more like work/life imbalanceAug 25 2019

Before I had my children, my idea of motherhood was misguided to say the least. I was working full time as a solicitor for a large personal ...

by Rebecca Maplesden

Committee needed to oversee treatment of gradsAug 20 2019

Exploitation of graduate lawyers needs to stop. The establishment of an oversight committee is one way to curb such poor treatment, writes ...

by The (Pre) Lawyer in Black