How a comprehensive work-from-home policy can boost productivity and prevent security breachesMay 11 2020

In the COVID-19-induced rush to embrace remote working, some smaller Australian law firms didn’t get around to establishing or updating th

by Mark Sinclair


May 07 2020‘Electronic is the way of the future’

A digital solution is essential for commerce and will bring benefits for business during these chall...

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May 05 2020How to make sure your firm’s digital transformation program pays for itself

The push is on for Australian law firms to digitise, and fast, but dropping big bucks on the process...

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May 05 20203 key COVID-19 challenges legal counsel are facing (and solving)

For in-house legal counsel, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a roller-coaster ride from which they are...

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May 05 2020How can legal employers best balance cultural needs?

The challenge for global law firm managers is to understand the differing cultural points around the...

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International law and cruise ships: Sailing into stormy watersApr 30 2020

The global cruise ship industry has sailed into a storm as a result of the COVID-19 crisis raising a multitude of legal issues, writes Donal...

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Is it ‘digitise or die’ time for Australian law firms?Apr 28 2020

No longer a bastion of the old order, Australia’s legal sector is in a state of flux, as digitisation up-ends old practices and forces fir...

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The great shutdownApr 28 2020

Australia is still in the early days of the COVID-19 health and financial crisis, as are most parts of the world, so making predictions with...

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‘Informer 3838’: The real story behind Lawyer XApr 27 2020

Over two feature-length episodes, the story of Lawyer X was told – parts of it were on the money, the rest missed its mark. Lawyers Weekly...

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The new world of virtual orderApr 27 2020

As we move past the initial disruption caused by COVID-19, there’s a renewed focus on how to optimise “business as usual” now that wor...

by John Arneil