Ocean liner or speedboat? I know which one I would rather turnMay 23 2019

You don’t need me to tell you that law firms need to adapt the way they deliver their services and do so quickly – so let’s take that

by Peter George


May 20 2019‘I’d rather lick the floor of a bus than talk to a law student’

The unattainable and exclusive brilliance of the legal profession is a constellation made up of very...

by Flynne Tytherleigh

May 14 2019Continued data breaches enhancing risk to corporate Australia

Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different r...

by Michael Connory

May 13 2019Why workplace wellness is the real trickle-down economics

Failure to adequately cater for staff health and wellbeing is not only morally bankrupt – it’s a...

by Jerome Doraisamy

May 05 2019Family law reform needs to move forward

Debates about reform to Australia’s family law system ebb and flow but are never far from public p...

by Nicole Rich

What does flexible working mean?May 02 2019

Workplace flexibility has, for so long, been characterised as a women’s issue or, more specifically, a women-with-children’s issue, writ...

by Isla McRobbie

How to get the most out of your leaveApr 30 2019

First it was termed a ‘break’, then a ‘sabbatical’, and now it’s called ‘life leave’. Whatever next?! I hear you exclaim, writ...

by Matthew Kay

Post, pray, play?Apr 29 2019

Sports provide naturally gifted and hardworking athletes a platform from which to promote their fame in return for personal, social, and com...

by Mat Jessep

Lawyers should embrace Kardashian & CoApr 28 2019

Have you been keeping up? Kim Kardashian is becoming a lawyer, write Nicholas van Hattem, Georgia Kyros and Lauren Wright. ...

by Nicholas van Hattem, Georgia Kyros and Lauren Wright

Stop, drop and roll: Dealing with final semester stressApr 22 2019

How many of you remember your last high school exam? For me, it was my Japanese exam. It was in the third week of November 2014 and it was a...

by Flynne Tytherleigh