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Why lawyers need to heed PM’s warning regarding Russian cyber-attack reprisals

In this episode of The Lawyers Weekly Show, CyberSecurity Connect director Phil Tarrant and MAJGEN (Ret’d) Marcus Thompson, former head of the Department of Defences Information Warfare Division, discuss Russia’s history of cyber war and how this vector will continue to shape peace and conflict in the future.

user iconRobyn Tongol 09 March 2022 Podcast
Why lawyers need to heed PM’s warning regarding Russian cyber-attack reprisals
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The pair begin by discussing MAJGEN (Ret’d) Thompson’s recent opinion piece in The Australian Financial Review, which dives into Russia’s history of cyber and information warfare.

In his piece, he argues that Australia must better prepare itself for cyber attacks, which will be weaponised in reprisal against Australia for supporting Ukraine during the recent conflict.

Both hosts continue by discussing the impact of cyber warfare on Australian businesses and how many malicious actors work in concert with state-sponsored groups to exploit the cyber domain.

The pair wraps up the podcast by analysing how cyber remains an integral part of both hybrid and grey zone warfare, and that foreign actors will continue to use cyber as an essential attack vector in future conflicts.



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