The increasing attractiveness of private debt

On this special episode of The Lawyers Weekly Show, produced in partnership with Metrics Credit Partners, host Jerome Doraisamy speaks with Metrics managing partner Andrew Lockhart about all things private debt in the post-pandemic market and what investors are looking at as we look ahead to a potential global recession.

By Robyn Tongol 21 November 2022 Podcast
The increasing attractiveness of private debt
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Mr Lockhart discusses the state of affairs for private debt, why it has been an attractive prospect for investors across the board and what is driving its increasing attractiveness in the wake of market volatility, what lessons can be learned from previous recessions if indeed another one comes to pass, and why geopolitical issues may have ripple effects.

He also delves into the ramping up of restructuring and insolvency, the role of private debt in such times, how best lawyers can perceive the state of affairs in determining how to advise their clients, the practical steps that legal professionals can and should be taking, and what non-bank lenders and alternative investment fund managers may need from lawyers moving forward.

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