The Corporate Counsel Show: How digitally mature are in-house teams under 10?

In this special episode of The Corporate Counsel Show, produced in partnership with Xakia, we explore newly released research detailing how legal teams with 10 or fewer staff manage digital solutions and how mature their use of technology is at this critical juncture.

Sponsored by Xakia 07 March 2024 Podcast
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Host Jerome Doraisamy speaks with Xakia founder and chief executive Jodie Baker about the need to examine how digitally mature small in-house legal teams are, given where the market is at, her key takeaways from the research conducted by Agile Market Intelligence, how staffing levels can influence a team’s level of digital maturity, as well as the impact of budgetary constraints.

Ms Baker also delves into the varying relationships small teams have with technology solutions such as business tools, digital signature, matter management, contract management, reporting and analytics, spend management, and artificial intelligence, where small teams are digitally mature, where they are not, and the potential reasons that small teams might not be adopting some technology as fast as others.

To learn more about Xakia, click here.

To read Xakia’s white paper, titled Legal Tech for Teams Under 10, click here.

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