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Politics 12 October 2023 ByAmy Burton-BradleyWith the Australian whole-of-government legal services tender process...

With the Australian whole-of-government legal services tender process imminent, incumbent law firm providers and hopeful...

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SME Law 06 October 2023 ByBen Paul6 tips for lawyers to network more effectively

If you’re fearful or apprehensive about your capacity to network, these simple tips will help boost your confidence,...

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SME Law 28 July 2023 ByBen PaulLawyers need structured approaches to grow a practice

In today’s complex and competitive legal marketplace, lawyers are best served by following clear business development...

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Big Law 15 September 2022 ByJess Feyder‘Law firms are now very focused on protecting data’

The data collected by law firms can hold significant inherent value, a panel of lawyers and technology experts have...

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SME Law 31 August 2022 ByHans MorseComfort and trust critical to selling professional services

Business development needs finesse and a keen focus on the needs of the client, writes Hans Morse.

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Demetrio Zema
NewLaw 19 April 2022 ByJerome DoraisamyWhy friendships with clients are critical to this firm’s strategy

The idea of being friends with one’s clients can be seen as taboo. For Law Squared director Demetrio Zema, building...

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Paul O’Halloran
Big Law 28 January 2022 ByPaul O'HalloranMake your professional profile ‘pitch perfect’ in 2022

January to early February is usually a good time to start plotting out your professional profile in readiness for...

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Sue-Ella Prodonovich
Podcast 08 May 2020 ByTasha LevyBusiness development in the age of COVID-19

Business development is critical for the growth of any legal practice, but in the midst of a global pandemic, firms are...

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