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Charles Cho
Corporate Counsel Jul 12 2022 ByTony ZhangGovernment legal teams seeing increased ‘pace’ post-pandemic

In-house legal teams in government departments have faced a heightened challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic, shifting ...

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Corporate Counsel Jul 05 2022 ByJerome Doraisamy‘You’re seen as a cost until you show otherwise’

Part of being able to do more with less, Somerset Hoy explains, involves demonstrating to the rest of the business that ...

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Somerset Hoy
Corporate Counsel Jun 14 2022 ByJerome Doraisamy‘Don’t just outsource because you’re busy’

Openness, thoughtfulness and innovative approaches are essential for any law department looking to do more with less, ar...

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Max Kimber SC
Corporate Counsel May 17 2022 ByJerome DoraisamyWhy barristers and mediators should be on your legal services panel

A reconstitution of your business’ panel of providers to include barristers and mediators needs to be considered if yo...

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Corporate Counsel May 10 2022 ByJerome DoraisamyPandemic-inspired fraud soon to come to light

Given how long it usually takes to detect fraudulent behaviour, it is likely that fraud that occurred during the age of ...

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Sam Kidd
Corporate Counsel May 03 2022 ByJerome DoraisamyGetting time back in the day to help drive business outcomes

“In-house legal can absolutely be far more than just a service provider that’s bogged down with workload,” said Sa...

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Paul Cowling
Corporate Counsel May 03 2022 ByJerome DoraisamyHow to keep in-house teams responsive and proactive

Ensuring that the entirety of the legal function remains responsive to the needs of the business – and can be proactiv...

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Corporate Counsel Mar 22 2022 ByJerome Doraisamy43% of law departments expect to increase total legal spend

New findings from Thomson Reuters unveil the “strongest indication” of a greater uptick in legal expenditure tracked...

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Podcast Mar 02 2022 ByRobyn TongolIt is imperative that professionals across law departments better unde...

It is imperative that professionals across law departments better understand and appreciate where their colleagues are c...

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Craig Subocz
Corporate Counsel Mar 01 2022 ByCraig SuboczTop tips for dealing with data breaches

Companies face an increasingly sophisticated risk environment, and cyber resilience requires an increasingly sophisticat...

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