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SME Law 17 August 2023 ByJerome DoraisamyPlanning to sell your firm for the best price possible

All boutique law firm owners will exit their businesses, in some form, at some point in time. As such, firm owners need...

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SME Law 01 June 2023 ByProfessor Karin Sanders and Dr Andrew DhaenensHow to make hybrid work, work

Legal workplaces must be sure to optimise the “new world” hybrid model in a dynamic environment, write Professor...

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The rise of regulatory co-design and the law
NewLaw 04 April 2022 ByDr Rob Nicholls, in collaboration with UnisearchThe rise of regulatory co-design and the law

We are currently seeing an increase in expectation and momentum of regulatory co-designs across the legal profession, as...

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Big Law 03 February 2022 ByProfessor Heng Wang and Professor Deborah HealeyThe implications of a digital Australian dollar

The imminent introduction of a digital Australian dollar will significantly affect the market. Find out what a retail...

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Data privacy and the law
Big Law 09 November 2021 ByUnisearch (with Professor Lyria Bennett Moses and Professor Scott Sisson)Data privacy and the law

Regardless of a firm’s choice of data sharing techniques, said businesses will have to get ahead of the game if they...

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The ups and downs of flexible working
Big Law 06 September 2021 ByLauren CroftThe ups and downs of flexible working

Flexible working has become more prominent than ever post-pandemic. But while it may work for some, firms should...

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The trends reshaping legal workplaces
Big Law 25 August 2021 ByLauren CroftThe trends reshaping legal workplaces

Following the global COVID-19 pandemic, a number of new trends have emerged as firms look to increase their diversity...

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Big Law 17 August 2021 ByLauren Croft‘We can’t just pretend that nothing has changed’

Transparency is of the utmost importance in a post-pandemic working environment, as legal leaders increasingly need to...

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Professor Andrew Pitman and Professor Katrin Meissner
Politics 13 August 2021 ByProfessor Andrew Pitman and Professor Katrin MeissnerThe great ‘known unknowns’ with climate change in the law

To first understand how climate change impacts the law, it’s prudent to understand its fundamental principles, write...

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