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Depp v Heard
Big Law Jun 02 2022 ByJerome DoraisamyDepp v Heard: What have we learned?

One of the most public and widely spoken about cases in recent memory has wrapped up. Here, leading lawyers provide som...

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abortion ban
Politics May 11 2022 ByLauren CroftPotential US abortion ban ‘a gross violation of human rights law’

After a draft majority opinion of the Supreme Court of the United States was leaked earlier this month, one legal instit...

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The Bar Apr 07 2022 ByJerome DoraisamyThe “landmark” development of the first African-American woman bei...

The “landmark” development of the first African-American woman being confirmed to the United States Supreme Court is...

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Josef launches in US
NewLaw Mar 08 2022 ByJerome DoraisamyJosef launches in US

Australia-founded legal technology start-up Josef has expanded into the United States, following its launching in the UK...

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Peerpoint expands into the US
Big Law Oct 24 2021 ByJerome DoraisamyPeerpoint expands into the US

Allen & Overy’s global flexible resourcing platform Peerpoint has launched in the United States as the platform mo...

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Laura Keily
Big Law Oct 18 2021 ByJerome DoraisamyImmediation eyes ‘$3bn opportunity’

Australian legal tech platform Immediation has ventured into the American market with key board appointments and recentl...

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Big Law Apr 15 2021 ByJerome DoraisamyHow lawyers must respond if Biden rejoins TPP

Should the Biden administration reverse his predecessor’s decision to exit the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Australian l...

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Examining litigation trends for 2021
Corporate Counsel Mar 02 2021 ByJerome DoraisamyExamining litigation trends for 2021

There are numerous takeaways for Australian litigators and in-house teams from the experience of US-based counterparts i...

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Rebecca Murray
SME Law Feb 18 2021 ByJerome Doraisamy‘Take a risk’ and run your firm from overseas

When Rebecca Murray moved to Washington, DC and continued to operate her Queensland-based firm, she was worried she’d ...

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President-elect Biden and the future for Australian lawyers
Big Law Nov 11 2020 ByJerome DoraisamyPresident-elect Biden and the future for Australian lawyers

In the areas of climate, capital markets, data privacy and much more, the incoming Biden presidency could have a signifi...

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