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Top 10 podcast episodes for lawyers in 2023 (so far)

The Lawyers Weekly Podcast Network has had almost 350,000 downloads since the start of the year — reinforcing its status as the most popular industry-specific podcast in the country. Here are the 10 most-downloaded episodes from the last six months.

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Speaking about the show’s run since the start of 2023, Lawyers Weekly editor Jerome Doraisamy said that legal professionals from all over the globe tune in because of the breadth of engaging, informative, and practical content on offer.

“We go to great lengths to find lawyers and industry experts who can offer instructive, inspiring guidance for Australian practitioners, so they can be the best versions of themselves in an ever-changing, volatile environment,” he said.

“This said, we always welcome pitches and suggestions — if you’re keen to be on the show, or know of someone worthwhile, don’t hesitate to reach out!”


The top 10 episodes of 2023, thus far, are:

  1. ‘The stakes are increasing’ in defamation law
In the wake of looming law reform in defamation, and given that it is “becoming harder and harder” to successfully sue for defamation, managing client expectations from the outset of proceedings is going to be especially pertinent for practitioners.

  1. Sport’s influence on all areas of law
Lawyers don’t always appreciate just how pervasive sport is — not just in discourse and society but also in the operational practice of law. Those who aren’t paying attention should do so, particularly given how many lessons can be gleaned for best practice.

  1. The Boutique Lawyer Show: Getting passionate about contracts
Not enough boutique firm owners appreciate that contracts are inextricably linked not only to the day-to-day success of a business but also to an optimal client experience. This has to change.

  1. Protégé: Writing better job applications 101
Many emerging legal practitioners find it difficult to meaningfully sell themselves to prospective employers. In an age in which hybrid working and virtual communication are rife, that proposition becomes even harder. Learning how to write a better job application, thus, is essential.

  1. Skills needed to be a successful partner
In this special episode of The Lawyers Weekly Show, produced in partnership with Commonwealth Bank, we speak to two partners and practice leaders at BigLaw firms about the tools that those in the partnership will require if they are to succeed in a new-look professional services marketplace.

  1. What M&A will look like in 2023
Award-winning dealmaker Sandy Mak is optimistic about the M&A outlook in Australia this year. It will be critical, however, for practitioners in this space to take advantage of the fortuitous marketplace trends, she notes.

  1. Don’t make career decisions based on others’ journeys
Too many lawyers and law students fall into the trap of comparing themselves to their colleagues and classmates and make vocational choices based on a narrow view of what constitutes success and what they think they should be doing (something the host of this show has fallen into the trap of doing in years gone by). Instead, lawyers need to forge their own paths and be true to themselves.

  1. Living your best life as a lawyer
As a solicitor who is trusted to manage her daily routine as she sees fit — so long as the work gets done — award winner Phoebe MacDougall can’t think of a single reason why lawyers would not be able to perform better if they, too, were trusted to live and practice as they please, rather than in more traditional, cookie-cutter schedules.

  1. Inside the mind of lawyers
In this special episode of The Lawyers Weekly Show, produced in partnership with Coaching Advocates, we explore the mindset of legal professionals and how best lawyers can reframe their thinking to better ensure personal and vocational success.

  1. What ChatGPT’s rise means for legal practice
In this special episode of The Lawyers Weekly Show, produced in partnership with Legalwise Seminars, we dive into the rise of artificial intelligence platforms like ChatGPT, the lawfulness of and issues surrounding such tech, and the broader implications for practitioners of all stripes.

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