Neuroscience will increasingly influence criminal law

We need to keep an eye on neuroscience, and its implications for the rule of law, argues Law Society of NSW president Elizabeth Espinosa.

by Jerome Doraisamy


Victoria to invest more to address ‘national emergency’ of family violence

The Andrews government in Victoria has announced it will provide more funding to a centre for surviv...

by Jerome Doraisamy

‘It’s about the things we offer’: How Ashurst attracts and retains staff

The Ashurst team is focused on delivering a “great place to work” for its people, which it credi...

by Naomi Neilson

Abortion reform to be passed ‘without further delay’, HRLC says

The Human Rights Law Centre is calling for the NSW parliament to finally pass the bill to decriminal...

by Naomi Neilson

‘Flawed’, ‘window dressing’, ‘bargaining chip’: Family lawyers rubbish new inquiry

A new federal inquiry into the family law system is wholly unnecessary and takes attention away from...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Uber Eats’ fight against sacked driver has implications for the gig economy

An appeal to the Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission by a former Uber Eats delivery worker could have ramifications for employers who uti...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Public defender appointed as District Court judge

A deputy senior public defender is set to join the bench of the District Court of NSW. ...

by Jerome Doraisamy

EDO celebrates blocking of proposed new coal mine

The Environmental Defenders Office NSW has welcomed a decision to reject the planned greenfield Bylong coal mine due to its potential greenh...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Tech adoption doesn’t mean succumbing to ‘robo-lawyers’

The notion of technology taking away valuable work being conducted by lawyers is an outdated way of thinking, an expert in the space has sug...

by Emma Ryan

Convicted sex offender George Pell may stand a chance

Convicted sex offender and paedophile Cardinal George Pell may have an opportunity to have his name cleared after lodging leave to appeal hi...

by Naomi Neilson