How to invest your firm’s time correctlyJan 23 2020

The most important resource that a boutique law firm has is the time of its team members. Wasting productivity is a sure-fire way to stall s

by Jerome Doraisamy


Jan 22 2020Overtime audits may be missing deeper underlying issues

Whilst it is crucial that law firms monitor the volume of hours worked by younger professionals, suc...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Jan 22 2020Skills in demand for 2020 revealed

New research has highlighted the legal skills in demand for the first half of 2020 that are currentl...

by Tony Zhang

Jan 22 2020Creevey Russell bolsters criminal law group

Queensland-based firm Creevey Russell Lawyers has appointed two defence lawyers as part of an expans...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Jan 22 2020Simon Overland adamant on continuing use of human sources

Former chief commissioner Simon Overland has returned to the Lawyer X royal commission for its secon...

by Naomi Neilson

How lawyers can make 2020 their best mental health year to dateJan 22 2020

Lawyers – particularly those in small practices – often complain that there are just not enough hours in the day for self-care. Accordin...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Colonial First State hit with class action for charging ‘excessive insurance premiums’Jan 22 2020

CBA’s superannuation provider, Colonial First State (CFS), is facing a class action brought by Shine Lawyers on behalf of hundreds of thou...

by Jerome Doraisamy

NAB to face class action of more than 330k account holdersJan 21 2020

A class action will be filed on Wednesday on behalf of more than 330,000 MasterKey Business Super and Personal Super account holders with th...

by Jerome Doraisamy

#auslaw: Stepping into a new eraJan 21 2020

The modern legal marketplace continues to evolve – both organically and in response to environmental shifts that impact upon our professio...

by Jerome Doraisamy

‘Speak up’ culture crucial for whistleblower complianceJan 21 2020

While ASIC has outlined specific deliverables for whistleblower policies moving forward, it is also important for individuals to contribute ...

by Jerome Doraisamy