The art of navigating a difficult conversation with your bossJun 07 2017

If there was an award for ‘cramming-the-most-difficult-conversations-with-a-boss-into-the-early-stages-of-a-career’, I think I’d be in the running for the winning prize, w

by Amy Burton


Jun 04 2017Young gun leads the fight to reform outdated criminal convictions

A finalist in the upcoming 30 Under 30 is helping pave the way for reforms to be passed through Quee...

by Emma Ryan

May 31 2017‘Mindful leadership’ transforming law firm culture

A personal development coach has explained the business and personal benefits of mindful leadership ...

by Tom Lodewyke

May 30 2017Healthy growth

Lawyers in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors need to keep abreast of rapid technological dev...

by Tom Lodewyke

May 30 2017Pioneering promise

With a fast-growing economy and one of the biggest and youngest workforces of any other nation in th...

by Melissa Coade

The uni that hatches the best legal eaglesMay 29 2017

Fostering the next generation of legal professionals begins during tertiary education, however which university is paving the way for their ...

by Emma Ryan

Law: no laughing matterMay 25 2017

Lawyers and comedians can have a lot in common: a sharp wit, a love of the limelight and (by some accounts) a sadistic streak. Here are just...

by Tom Lodewyke

Can’t remember what you forgot? Instant ways to boost your memoryMay 24 2017

Memory problems are commonly thought of as a problem relating to older age, writes Jenny Brockis. News Write comment (0 Comments) ...

by Dr Jenny Brockis

Law, order and reforming our response to family violenceMay 23 2017

Why weren’t you there? Why didn’t you pick up on the hints? Why didn’t she feel close enough to tell you? writes Kimberly Allen. News...

by Kimberly Allen

Tax – a viable practice area in today’s legal marketMay 18 2017

An award-winning lawyer says tax law presents an exciting value proposition to other legal professionals, noting that his firm’s focus on ...

by Emma Ryan