Libra — a lawyer’s guide to blockchain: Part threeJul 16 2019

Practitioners should review Facebook’s Libra project and understand and appreciate why it matters for them, writes Michael Bacina.

by Michael Bacina


Jul 11 2019e-conveyancing concerns about PEXA monopoly money

New South Wales has now become the third Australian state to transition to paperless property transa...

by Paul Bollen

Jul 10 2019How to prevent burnout in the legal profession

Legal work has always been synonymous with high levels of stress, where large workloads, long hours,...

by Stuart Taylor

Jul 09 2019Press freedom requires law reform

Freedom of the press is a cornerstone principle of a democracy. The outcry following the AFP raids o...

by Peter Bartlett and Tess McGuire

Jul 09 2019Blockchain — a lawyer’s guide: Part two

Smart contracts within the blockchain world have been hotly discussed and debated for several years ...

by Michael Bacina

Balance study with activities you are passionate aboutJul 02 2019

Law students typically fear deviating away from a textbook-focused approach at law school because they believe high grades guarantee graduat...

by Carl Buhariwala

What’s a blockchain? A lawyer’s guide: Part oneJun 25 2019

Blockchain and decentralised ledger technology has been growing increasingly in prominence as more and more start-ups, enterprises and gover...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Is the legal profession a wellbeing wasteland?Jun 24 2019

Given the endemic nature of mental health issues in law, a multipronged approach, as well as and cooperation and collaboration by all relev...

by Audrey McGibbon and Karen Gillespie

Are you being watched? How smart gadgets can ‘spy’ on usJun 23 2019

How often are you home alone? If you own a smart gadget — be it a TV, a smart speaker or a mobile phone — then let me answer that for ...

by Nigel Carson

Beating the distraction devil: How to optimise performance by staying focusedJun 20 2019

If the devil is in the detail, then distraction is not that far behind, writes Anthony Hersch. ...

by Anthony Hersch