The Boutique Lawyer Show: Life as an international parental child abduction lawyer

05 October 2021 By Robyn Tongol

Family lawyers in Australia deal with the Family Law Act. Rebecca Chapman, as an international parental child abduction lawyer, deals with the Hague Convention. In such cases, where children have been taken overseas by one parent without the other’s permission or a court order, the stakes are heightened.

On this episode of The Boutique Lawyer Show, host Jerome Doraisamy is joined by International Social Service Australia managing lawyer Rebecca Chapman to discuss the state of affairs with international parental child abduction: the laws governing such abductions, dealing with different countries, and how the age of coronavirus has impacted upon such legal work.

The pair also talk about the extent to which change is occurring in this space as the marketplace shifts, the intensity of such work and the non-negotiable professional skills that one needs to succeed in this practice area.


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The Boutique Lawyer Show: Life as an international parental child abduction lawyer
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