Lawyers don’t need sight to have vision

07 June 2022 By Robyn Tongol

Despite being born with total blindness, Amanda Heal has always been determined to make a difference. Here, the lawyer-turned-author and keynote speaker reflects on her journey in law, the challenges faced in practice and why all can be overcome if one has an underlying mission in their life.

Host Jerome Doraisamy speaks with Ms Heal about her early life and living with a disability, the struggles she faced in finding work in law, her 17-year stint as a government lawyer, whether those years were formative in helping her find her vocational purpose, and ultimately realising that, deep down, she had always wanted to help and inspire people.

Ms Heal discusses the vocational epiphany she had and the steps she took to realise her dreams, the central message she imparts and advocates for, how lawyers can determine if they are living out their true purpose and whether it has to be vocationally driven, what lawyers can take away from her experiences, and if lawyers can and should be striving for more in their lives.


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Lawyers don’t need sight to have vision
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