The Boutique Lawyer Show: Tech allows you to practise from the heart

02 August 2022 By Robyn Tongol

Whilst gleaning professional benefits such as improved business functions and greater capacity to scale are essential takeaways from the utilisation of legal technology, there are other, broader vocational benefits: ensuring that one can practise in ways that make sense to them is, for one entrepreneur, at the core of the future of legal services.

On this episode of The Boutique Lawyer Show, host Jerome Doraisamy speaks with Firmsy founder and chief executive Claudia King about her motivation for transitioning into the legal tech space, what it means to practise law from the heart and how and why legal tech is critical to this concept, and how practitioners of all stripes can benefit from adopting such an approach.

Ms King also explains why it is too important, from a client perspective, for their legal service providers to think about their use of tech in such ways, the hurdles facing lawyers in adopting this approach, how they can once again view their practices as an outlet to feed their souls in the right ways, and what excites her about the broader appreciation and understanding of legal tech and its myriad benefits.



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The Boutique Lawyer Show: Tech allows you to practise from the heart
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