LawTech Talks: The skills divide

On this special episode of LawTech Talks, produced in partnership with LexisNexis, we explore the skills divide for technology use in the workplace, the need to acknowledge and embrace the spectrum of proficiency, and how best to bridge that divide in the post-pandemic new normal.

By Robyn Tongol 29 September 2022 Podcast
LawTech Talks: The skills divide
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Host Jerome Doraisamy speaks with LexisNexis head of UX research (Asia and Pacific) Chantelle Maree about what the skills divide is, the generational differences driving that proficiency spectrum, the extent to which the spectrum is actual versus perceived, and why addressing that spectrum is so critical for legal practitioners and businesses amidst current market turbulence and uncertainty.

Ms Maree also delves into the practical ways that the skills divide can be addressed, the nexus between the divide and psychological safety, why the divide is not yet insurmountable, the responsibilities upon individuals to upskill, and how LexisNexis can assist.

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