Latest Governance Institute of Australia

Big Law 01 September 2022 ByLauren CroftThe ‘major overhaul’ to AGMs in recent years

As the annual general meeting (AGM) period nears, a new comprehensive guide has been released to help organisations...

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Corporate Counsel 05 July 2022 ByJerome DoraisamyExecutive pay rising, will likely continue to do so

A new report details the extent to which pay for senior executives, board members and chief executives is increasing,...

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Cultural diversity
Big Law 18 May 2022 ByLauren Croft‘Cultural diversity is stagnating’, says report

Ahead of the 2022 federal election, a new report calls on elected representatives to make diversity a priority in...

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Corporate Counsel 22 March 2022 ByJerome DoraisamyFor Australian company boards and management, there are myriad...

For Australian company boards and management, there are myriad governance concerns arising from the ongoing conflict in...

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Corporate Counsel 23 November 2021 ByJerome DoraisamyCorporate officeholders perceived less ethically than last year

New research shows that professionals in corporations are seen as being less ethical than they were in 2020.

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Big Law 17 November 2021 ByJerome DoraisamyLawyers or politicians: Which profession is perceived as more ethical?

New research from Governance Institute of Australia reveals how ethical Australians perceive lawyers to be and how...

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Greater diversity of thought
Big Law 15 November 2021 ByLauren Croft‘Greater diversity of thought’ will be key for future boards

Having survived a global pandemic, future boards will place greater importance on diversity, The Future of the Board...

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How culture can create a competitive advantage
Big Law 27 September 2021 ByLauren CroftHow culture can create a competitive advantage

Successful companies often have no trouble meeting the minimum regulation standards, a panel discussion has revealed.

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Big Law 24 September 2021 ByLauren CroftA ‘wider range’ of diversity is critical at board level

With diversity and inclusion becoming an increasingly important discussion among company shareholders and investors,...

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Megan Motto and Anna Tichborne
Corporate Counsel 10 August 2021 ByJerome DoraisamyThe legal team’s role in achieving gender parity on boards

Advances have been made in getting more women in board positions, and the law department can and must play a part in...

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