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2m downloads: Lawyers Weekly Podcast Network hits new milestone

The Lawyers Weekly Podcast Network has reached new heights, surpassing 2 million downloads worldwide. And check out which 10 episodes have been most popular since inception!

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Hitting new milestones

In late 2017, The Lawyers Weekly Show launched as a weekly production that garnered just over 4,000 downloads per month.

Since that time, Lawyers Weekly’s audio medium has exploded in popularity, with an average of four episodes per week across different streams and demographics, an average of over 53,000 downloads worldwide per month this year, and listeners on every continent.


And while nearly 80 per cent of downloads have come from across Australia in the last six years, the podcast boasts listeners from major global legal markets, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, China, and Hong Kong – to name a few.

The Lawyers Weekly Podcast Network consists of the following shows: The Lawyers Weekly Show, The Corporate Counsel Show, The Boutique Lawyer Show, The Protégé Podcast, and LawTech Talks.

Reflecting on the latest milestone, Lawyers Weekly editor and podcast host Jerome Doraisamy said it is thrilling for the brand’s various shows to maintain their standing as the most popular industry-specific podcast in the country.

“It is an honour for us to facilitate such engaging, instructive and uplifting conversations almost every day of the week,” he said.

“Podcasting has become one of our biggest content mediums, and we love being able to deliver fresh and original content to our listeners – all over the world – for their daily commutes, lunch breaks, or whatever time of day they tune in!

“I am personally very grateful, not only to the loyal listeners but also to our amazing AV team, without whom production of our shows would simply not be possible.”

Top 10 episodes ever

And while there have been some cracking conversations on myriad personal and professional topics, these 10 episodes have proven to be the most listened to in the back catalogue of nearly 900 episodes from the Lawyers Weekly Podcast Network:

  1. High performance in an evolving market
Leaders in law are increasingly aware that people’s needs are changing, and with that, client demands are shifting. Ensuring that businesses can get the most out of their lawyers in the post-pandemic market requires new-age thinking, including considering what can be learnt from elite sportspeople.

  1. The reigning Managing Partner of the Year on being true to one’s self
Danny King – in her own words – has “never had a filter” and is “fearlessly and shamelessly” herself. Such authenticity and ownership over her struggles led her to win the Managing Partner of the Year category at the 2021 Australian Law Awards.

  1. Why all lawyers need coaches
Research shows that nearly half of all US-based lawyers have executive or careers coaches. At a time of market turbulence and vocational uncertainty, it is time for Australian lawyers to do the same.

  1. What a successful social media strategy looks like
When it comes to effective utilisation of digital and social media, some law firms are performing well, while others are “putting in pretty dismal efforts”. Garnering better engagement in 2022 is shaping up to be critical to the success of burgeoning practices.

  1. The path to international law as a new lawyer
With decades of experience behind them, many inspiring and incredible practitioners have made a name for themselves as international lawyers. While the feat may seem quite daunting for aspiring lawyers, our next guest shares why it is entirely possible to get started on this path to international law immediately.

  1. Understanding different client types
According to Olaf Kretzschmar, there are at least seven different client types that a lawyer will come across over the course of their career. Understanding how each of these clients thinks and operates is fundamental in ensuring optimal client service delivery, as well as purpose, as a legal professional.

  1. Removing toxicity from a lawyer’s life
In 2021, Dr Hannah Korrel advocated the need to break up with bad bosses. Here, she returns to the show to discuss individual responsibility in having a “low tox life” in a workforce that is more hybrid and flexible in nature.

  1. Finding your voice as a lawyer
There are times, in the course of legal practice, when lawyers will have to push back against rudeness, aggression, combativeness or intimidation. Knowing how and when to push, without disadvantaging one’s clients, is a skill learnt over time.

  1. Leaving the ‘lawyer’ title behind
Award-winning practitioner Cassandra Heilbronn has, over the years, built a sizeable brand as “Lawyer Cas”. When she accepted a role as chief of staff for a private family office in Saudi Arabia, she had to grapple with not referring to herself as a practising lawyer anymore and what that meant for her professional identity.

  1. ‘I wanted to go to sleep and not wake up again’
Chris Parsons has led an incredible legal career, across multiple countries for one of the world’s biggest law firms. However, he believes that the best thing he has ever done is go public about his debilitating mental health issues. (Content warning: This episode contains content that may be disturbing or distressing to some listeners. Listener discretion is advised.)

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