Catholic Church not ‘above the secular law’Aug 14 2019

Survivors of child sexual abuse deserve better than the continued suggestion that the Catholic Church in Australia does not have to comply w

by Jerome Doraisamy


Aug 14 2019ASIC calls $35m loss to Westpac a ‘test case’

With this week’s news that Westpac was deemed not in breach of responsible lending guidelines, th...

by Grace Ormsby

Aug 14 2019Lawyer X: Key takeaways and predictions from the RCMPI

Between testimonies, millions of pages of evidence and ongoing secrecy, the Royal Commission into th...

by Naomi Neilson

Aug 14 2019WA sole practitioner struck off for ‘extremely serious’ misconduct

A practitioner who “was so readily prepared to subordinate his ethical obligations” has been rem...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Aug 13 2019Why do most Australian class actions result in settlement?

In a recent webcast, a panel of legal experts discussed how and why the majority of Australian-based...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Accreditation courses ‘start of journey’ for networkingAug 13 2019

Attending courses and expanding knowledge around law is instrumental for solicitors, but it’s just “the start of a journey, and not it...

by Naomi Neilson

Urgent reform needed for whistleblower lawsAug 13 2019

The recent AFP raids highlight the need to “rein in” laws that “damage Australia’s democracy”, according to the Human Rights Law C...

by Jerome Doraisamy

ACT Law Society ‘appalled’ at GDLP course shutdownAug 13 2019

The ACT Law Society has expressed its frustration with the Australian National University’s (ANU) decision to end its Graduate Diploma of ...

by Naomi Neilson

Law firms advised to embrace ‘intersectionality’Aug 13 2019

Only those who embrace the concept of intersectionality can further the drive for true inclusion in the workplace, and consequently get the ...

by Emma Ryan

The role of senior persons in-house in addressing mental health issuesAug 13 2019

Senior professionals within a business have a significant role to play when it comes to not only addressing the deleterious impact of psycho...

by Jerome Doraisamy