How the proposed Uniform Law may affect your practiceFeb 09 2020

The Legal Services Council has put out new recommendations for Uniform Law in 2020 which may see new changes to the legal profession.

by Tony Zhang


Feb 09 2020Law students and graduates need predictability

Young lawyers are the future talent of our profession and, as a cohort, face demanding conditions, w...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Feb 09 2020Victorian A-G hails victims’ families for new manslaughter offences

Victorian Attorney-General Jill Hennessy has hailed the influence of victims’ families ahead of th...

by Adam Thorn

Nov 30 -0001Police joked about royal commission, promised to protect Lawyer X

While simultaneously representing clients and then informing on them to police, barrister Nicola Gob...

by Naomi Neilson

Feb 07 2020Is law losing its humanity?

Legal professionals face the constant ethical dilemma of trying to reconcile their compliance with t...

by Tasha Levy

Legal bodies respond to member implications in new Religious Discrimination BillFeb 06 2020

If the second exposure draft of the Religious Discrimination Bill goes through, members of legal associations will have protection for their...

by Jerome Doraisamy

‘The entire ethics of this was wrong’: Lawyer X admits to royal commissionFeb 06 2020

As a police agent, barrister Nicola Gobbo was essential to a number of high-profile arrests by Victoria Police on account of her information...

by Naomi Neilson

Interruption of female judges, compared to males, highlights lingering issuesFeb 06 2020

A new study outlining the quantum of interruptions suffered by women justices of the High Court of Australia, relative to their male counter...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Dentons launches fixed pricing tool for Australian businessesFeb 06 2020

Global law firm Dentons has rolled out a new platform across its Australian arm, which aims to expand on its pricing model to local business...

by Jerome Doraisamy

Gobbo admits to turning on another solicitor, feeds privileged information to policeNov 30 -0001

Driven by jealousy and her need to feel valued, barrister Nicola Gobbo admitted that she turned on another solicitor who was also representi...

by Naomi Neilson