Use EOFY as trigger to access cash flow and forecast for FY21Jun 25 2020

Boutiques should consider common credit facilities, stimulus initiatives and tax exemptions to help ease working capital and boost the firm

by Jerome Doraisamy


Jun 23 2020A deeper dive: Contingency fees coming to Victoria, Australia

Law firms can now charge damages-based contingency fees for class actions in Victoria, writes Matt...

by Matt Lee

Jun 22 2020‘The boys were their toys’

The full extent of historical sex abuse in Australia’s juvenile detention centres is yet to surfa...

by Leanne McDonald

Jun 17 2020The pandemic is changing typical user behaviour at work

While change is to be expected, it poses challenges for those charged with securing environments, wr...

by Jim Cook

Jun 16 2020The monster that is advocacy in higher courts

It was like surfing 20-foot waves of hot molten lava on the back of an untamed dragon as the ground ...

by Osman Samin

UX must better inform decision-makingJun 16 2020

Selecting a product with great UX increases audience engagement, improves productivity, reduces the change management of a new system and re...

by Stuart Hall

Better protections against elder abuse neededJun 14 2020

On World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, it is critical to consider the need for stronger laws to combat the scourge of elder abuse, writes Andre...

by Andrew Simpson

Traditional firms must catch up or risk further lossJun 04 2020

It is well past time that we redefine what it means to run a successful legal practice, writes Tracey Mylecharane. ...

by Tracey Mylecharane

Change still a long way off for law firm business modelsJun 01 2020

COVID-19 has exposed the weaknesses of traditional firm models, writes Lachlan McKnight. ...

by Lachlan McKnight

Litigation funders’ day of reckoningMay 31 2020

The federal Treasurer has announced that litigation funders will soon be required to hold an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL), w...

by Liam Hennessy