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Big Law 01 September 2022 ByJess FeyderReflections of an award-winning mentor

According to an award-winning lawyer, mentoring can (and should) happen anywhere and at any time.

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Podcast 25 February 2022 ByRobyn TongolMentoring 101 in the new normal

On this special episode of The Lawyers Weekly Show, produced in partnership with CommBank Professional Services, the...

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Glenn Hughes
Big Law 02 December 2021 ByLauren CroftMentoring: The ‘key to inspiring, connecting and leading others’

Having a good mentor has become prevalent to reaching your full potential as a lawyer, according to this mentor and...

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SME Law 30 July 2021 ByJerome DoraisamyLeaning on mentoring relationships during COVID-19

In the age of coronavirus, having the safe space of a mentoring relationship has been critical for two lawyers to...

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Heidi Gan
Big Law 03 June 2021 ByLauren Croft‘Everybody’s version of success is different’

Having role models isn’t as important as recognising qualities to improve within yourself, according to...

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How mentors and mentoring for young lawyers have changed post-COVID
NewLaw 31 May 2021 ByNaomi NeilsonHow mentors and mentoring for young lawyers have changed post-COVID

The mentor and mentee relationships remain just as critically important as they were before the global pandemic but how...

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The cycle of support and mentoring for young lawyers
NewLaw 03 May 2021 ByNaomi NeilsonThe cycle of support and mentoring for young lawyers

After receiving some incredible mentoring from her supervisors and other experts in the legal profession, one young...

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Julia Gillard
Big Law 09 March 2021 ByJerome DoraisamyJulia Gillard’s advice to young women lawyers

Former prime minister Julia Gillard has offered tips to emerging female legal professionals in what she describes as an...

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News 09 October 2015 ByFelicity NelsonWe love Lucy: Mentoring program connects women in law

The Lucy Program, now in its 11th year, gives ambitious female undergraduates a leg up in their legal career, but is...

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News 04 March 2012 ByLawyers WeeklyACLA launches national mentoring program

As ACLA chief executive Peter Turner points out, junior lawyers can often find themselves thrown into quite senior...

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