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Big Law 11 November 2022 ByJeremy HymanDo lawyers have to choose between working at home or the office?

Where to be, or not to be? That is the question for many legal professionals right now, writes Jeremy Hyman.

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Careers 27 October 2022 ByJerome Doraisamy‘Flexibility is not cost-free’, partners warn junior lawyers

Partners across the country are worried that the next generation of leaders in law will be at a disadvantage, as the...

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SME Law 05 October 2022 ByJerome DoraisamyMost small firms now work from home, most of the week

New research reveals that more than half of SME law firms are operating from home at least half the week, with one in...

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Big Law 01 September 2022 ByStuart BarnettWhat is your hybrid strategy?

At one point in the middle of lockdowns, when everyone one was pretty much working from home, we were never going back...

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working from home
SME Law 21 July 2022 ByLauren Croft FAL Lawyers encourages permanent remote working

As some workplaces begin mandating in-office working, one boutique firm has decided to go a different way — and is...

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Simon Pole
Big Law 13 June 2022 ByJerome DoraisamyRigid office return directives ‘unlikely to work’

Instead of taking too strong a stance on how and where lawyers should be working, firms must appreciate that there is a...

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Big Law 16 May 2022 ByMei GongHow junior lawyers can get the most out of remote working

Remote working is most taxing on junior lawyers, yet it is the topic least examined from a junior perspective, writes...

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Jo Alilovic
Big Law 05 May 2022 ByLauren CroftHow to successfully implement a remote-working model

For remote working to work well for firms, there need to be regular check-ins with employees and clients, good team...

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Podcast 26 April 2022 ByRobyn TongolThe Boutique Lawyer Show: 6 steps to a successful remote workforce

Increasingly, SME firm owners will have to grapple with how best to manage the idiosyncratic needs of a scattered...

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Sven Burchartz
Big Law 23 March 2022 ByLauren Croft‘Remote working generated so much efficiency’

Whilst the pandemic caused disruption across a number of industries, the legal profession has come out more efficient...

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