Shine Lawyers introduces 9-day fortnight

04 August 2022 By Jerome Doraisamy

National law firm Shine Lawyers has unveiled a new flexible working option whereby staff can work their contracted 76 fortnightly hours in a shorter time frame, with a regular day off every two weeks.

​​Shine Lawyers has launched a nine-day fortnight offering for its Australian and New Zealander legal and shared services staff members, via which those employees can compress their fortnightly hours into a nine-day cycle, thereby allowing for one day off every fortnight.


Speaking about the new offering, Shine chief operating officer Jodie Willey said that the firm is “incredibly excited” to be able to provide its staff with additional flexibility to better balance their personal and professional commitments.

This initiative is another way that Shine is daring to be different,” she proclaimed.

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“We’re very big on creating new ways to work to support a healthier balance between our personal and professional lives, [and] we’re excited to see how this benefits our staff and our clients.”

The policy was the brainchild of Shine solicitor Tiffany Halliday, who pitched the offering late last year at Shine Tank — a firm-wide think tank for staff to pitch ideas to firm leads about how best it can drive the business forward, better service clients and accommodate staff needs.

Ms Halliday said that she is “thrilled” to see the offering come to life and that she is confident that the benefits will not only be for staff members but also for the firm and its clients.

“I am proud to work for a firm that really listens to our people, and I think Shine Tank is a great opportunity for people to put forward their ideas. As part of the working group, I have enjoyed working with the different teams in bringing this to life and I’m excited to say that we are finally here,” she said.

“I put forward this idea as I found trying to achieve work-life balance working five days each week and only having the weekend off is really hard, so this is a great step towards finding more balance.

“I am a strong believer that this initiative will be a win-win for our clients and our people! I can’t wait to hear what everyone does with their extra day off.”

Shine Lawyers introduces 9-day fortnight
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