World cityApr 18 2016

Hong Kong has long been an attractive destination for expats from all over the world, and Australian lawyers are starting to join the flock.

by Lara Bullock


Apr 18 2016Hot under the collar

As action against white-collar crime intensifies, this practice area is heating up for Australian fi...

by Stefanie Garber

Mar 21 2016Roll the dice

Getting ahead in law today often means trying your luck at a new firm – but a lateral move comes w...

by Stefanie Garber

Mar 21 2016The master stroke

While master’s degrees are becoming highly sought-after by legal professionals, the benefits it br...

by Lara Bullock

Mar 21 2016Work hard, play hard

Life as a lawyer in Japan moves at a frantic pace – but Australians have proven themselves up to t...

by Stefanie Garber

From gung-ho to gun-shyMar 21 2016

As corporations become increasingly reluctant to litigate, dispute resolution teams have added new weapons to their arsenal. ...

by Felicity Nelson

Contingency planMar 21 2016

Keeping things in proportion lies at the heart of the debate around contingency fees, writes Andrew Watson. ...


‘Til death do us partFeb 22 2016

The decision to merge with an international law firm is never taken lightly – but many Australian firms have made the leap. ...

by Felicity Nelson

Old world tourFeb 22 2016

Europe has always held a glamorous allure for Australians, but not all lawyers will find it an easy transition. ...

by Lara Bullock

Changing the questionFeb 22 2016

If the legal industry wants to achieve true diversity, it must stop asking questions that assume gender roles. ...

by Lara Bullock